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Welcome! We are delighted that you are interested in learning more about VT Public School and our application process. VTPS is a co-educational school from classes Nursery to 12 located in Meerut, India.

Our mission as a dynamic, modern-day school is to challenge each student to achieve excellence in a nurturing, inclusive community. VTPS’ teachers, parents, and administrators work together to inspire our students to be responsible, caring, well informed, ethical, prepared, and well balanced young adults.

VTPS is an institution that empowers each child with a sound foundation of knowledge and life skills. Believing that education is a process of discovery, we assist them in recognizing and unfolding their fullest potential. We are dedicated to providing holistic education, encompassing the intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and social aspect of growth. We take upon the task of not only raising career conscious students but also socially responsible and global citizens.


1. Parents desirous of getting their Children registered and admitted to this school, should take the Prospectus from the School Office at the cost of Rs. 100/- for General Information about the rules and regulations of the school.

2. If a pupil is withdrawn and then re-admitted, the amount of the re-admission fee will be charged.

3. The normal time for admission is at the beginning of the academic year. (normally in the month of February and March.)

4. Children are accepted for admission on the understanding that they will remain in the school for the entire year/session.

5. Children in the upper classes will not be admitted without Transfer Certificates.

6 The Admission form should be filled in very carefully giving all details asked for. The date of birth should be entered with the particular case as it is difficult to make changes afterward. (Birth Certificate must be enclosed along with Admission Form.)

7. It is essential for the parents to inform the Principal of any abnormal behavior or illness such as fits or any other serious disease. Please note that the school authorities will not be responsible for any type of consequences due to any serious disease.

8. The Admission of a child is conditional upon his/her passing an admission test and interview. 

9. The Principal may, at any time without assigning any reason, ask parents to withdraw a child from the school, if he/she considers it necessary in the interest of the school.


It is our endeavor to provide the best possible education to your words. To make this venture successful, your cooperation is solicited. We would appreciate it if you take a little more interest in your ward, particularly regarding his/her studies at home.

1. The medium of instruction is both English and Hindi. The Child should speak in English as far as possible.

2. The Annual Academic Session of the school begins in the first week of April. 

3. The Child should reach the school in time.

4. Unless it is very necessary, your child should not be absent from the school.

5. To help develop the child’s personality and build confidence in him/her, it is very necessary that he/she is smartly dressed.

6. The dress prescribed by the school should be strictly adhered to.

7. When sending your ward to the school should ascertain that he/she has no money with him/her.

8. The child should come to the school fully equipped with all the books & notebooks.

9. The child should be done regularly whatever homework is assigned to him/her.

10. The child will not be admitted unless an agreement is signed by the parents.

11. All fees must be paid by the 15th of the month for which they are due.

12. Prescribed amount will be charged for a duplicate copy of the receipt. 

13. The last day of every month will be a half-day.

14. The School is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuable articles.

15. No visitor will be permitted to see the pupil during class hours.

16. The school authorities undertake no responsibility for the safe conduct of students to and from the school. 

17. No student will be sent his/her home, even if some need arises unless a duly authorized person comes to fetch him/her classes easily and intelligently.

13. By a certain amount of regular practice of English Conversation at home, the child should be helped to follow his/her classes easily and intelligently

19. The office will remain closed on Sundays and holidays.

20. When required, a student must be present for extracurricular activities after school timings.

21. Change in timings, for Summer and Winter will be intimated from time to time.

22. All the students, whose names remain on the School rolls till the end of December, must pay the fee for the whole session including the fees for the months of March, April, and June. Without paying all the above-mentioned dues, no T.C. shall be issued and security will also be forfeited.

23. Registrations for new admission are open in the month of January/February for classes Nursery to IX and for class XI, in the first week of May/June of every year.

24. In the month of July, the child can, however, be admitted after paying all the dues and late admission fee

25. When the school re-opens after Summer vacation in the month of July, all the students must attend the school regularly and punctually. The names of those students will be struck off the school rolls, who remain absent continuously without giving any information in the first week of July.

26. Parents/Guardians are hereby requested to co-operate with the school by enabling their wards to observe the rules and by insisting upon punctuality and regularity in attending the school and studying at home.


The board examination shall be held at such centers and on such dates and at such time as the Board may prescribe from time to time.

The tests at the examination may be partly written and partly oral. Practical tests shall be conducted by the examiners appointed by the Board in such a manner as the Board may from time to time. prescribe. Written tests shall be taken by means of question papers and these papers will be administered at every center at which the examination is being held according to the Date sheet issued by the Board.

Invest in your

child’s future

Life at VTPS is an investment. When you enroll your child at VTPS, you become part of our family. A family that is result-driven, all-star athletics, award-winning theater performances, and community outreach. At VTPS, your child will experience holistic, hands-on learning that sparks a lifetime of courage, conviction, and excellence.

Joining this community will be the most worthwhile investment you’ll make for your child. At VTPS, everything we do is designed to ensure that you see a greater return than you ever imagined — a child who culminates into a leader of the 21st Century!

The best education is one that constantly adds value and ventures outside of the classroom. That’s why our faculty is focused on preparing students, not just for this year’s tests, but for all of life’s tests. Our student-centered approach towards teaching creates a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to expand their knowledge and take calculated risks. As a result, they develop confidence, perseverance, and drive to succeed in the world.

VTPS students graduate having learned to leverage their academic passion, positively impact their community, and empower themselves and others. As alumni, they go on to great success and fulfillment because they were taught to think, do, and lead at VTPS.